About Us

Bay City Pest Management has been family owned since 1960.  It is currently owned and operated by two brothers, Nick and Robert.  Our #1 priority is providing our customers with the most professional pest control services available.  Our job is to go beyond the normal scope of your expectations.  We believe that superior service and establishing a personal relationship with our clients will create loyal and satisfied customers.
You will find that our experience, knowledge and our commitment to quality  goes beyond competition.

When you choose Bay City Pest Management, Inc. you have chosen the best company which offers the highest quality of pest control service at a comparable price.

Please feel free to contact us by email or by phone with any concerns that you have regarding pest control. We always have a qualified technician on call to answer your questions.

We pride ourselves on using pest control measures that, based on research and experience, have been proven to cause the least impact on people and the environment, while still maintaining high levels of effectiveness.